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Marchel Caldwell is a state licensed cosmetologist and proud owner of Houston's most prominent multicultural hair salon; Studio9 Hair Artistry, LLC. Marchel has been dedicated to perfecting her brand since 2011.


She completed her cosmetology hours through Regency Beauty Institute in 2010 and graduated from Prairie View A&M University with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering Technology in 2008.


Marchel was born and raised in Crockett, Texas and now resides in Spring, Texas. She is a devoted wife to her wonderful husband and proud mommie to her two amazing children.


Her love for her family was one of the governing factors for her pursuit in natural beauty. Growing up as a young black woman, she noticed the false ideas of beauty placed on the black woman. Due to this, there was a deteriorating level of self worth with the young ladies. A tremendous lack of love for self. She understands the value in being thankful. Many attribute thankfulness as the appreciation of outward material things. Marchel came to realize this also meant internal gratitude. Being grateful for who The Most High made you. No, none of us are perfect, however; what could be worth more to The Most High than his most prized creation? Nothing, therefore; she felt it her responsibility to bring this knowledge to the forefront of hair care. One mind at a time, she helped to heal the psychological damage many years of oppression, had brought on the black community. One soul at a time, she reminded them how valuable they were in the eyes of The Most High, that he made man in his image and her from man, so she was divine. One heart at a time she taught them to love themselves, that they were their most prized possession. Apart from all they had, self should be cherished. This was her goal, to uplift her people through the mind, heart and soul of the woman. She has started in her own home. Where her husband has locs and her children both have beautifully kinky hair. Healing starts with self then it resonates through your deeds. Marchel has done this by the grace of The Most High.


Marchel is well versed will all textures of hair, however is most known for her ability to effortlessly style naturally curly hair. She prides herself on being a perfectionist and is truly passionate about helping women feel like the queens they truly are.

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(Portofino Shopping Center)
19075 I-45 #250

Shenandoah, TX 77385

Phone: 832-534-2470

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